Between lemons and bouganvillea - Luxury Files

Movie stars, celebrities, monarchs and heads of state habitually stay there: the Hotel Santa Caterina has long been in the hall of fame of the international hotel business and it does not fail to collect prizes and awards each year. The exclusivity of the location and the spa were honored, in addition to the charm and elegance of the surroundings, which is also the philosophy behind the hotel: the preservation of an important family tradition and the Amalfi inimitable charm from bygone days.
No coincidence that the Hotel is among the winners of the ‘Excellent Award’ 2012. Now in its seventeenth edition, the ‘Excellent Prize’ honors the best of the tourist hotel and the politics, finance and culture figures that have helped to launch the ‘ Italy brand’ in the world during the years.



Ninni and Giusi Gambardella – the Hotel Santa Caterina owners -  were honored just to have continued the family tradition of an hospitality icon. It is no coincidence that the Santa Caterina has been synonymous with style and tradition of hospitality all along. Since 1904, when it was founded by Gambardella’s family, the hotel has been consisted of a beautiful art nouveau villa overlooking the sea, set in a flourishing terraced park with outbuildings, full of flowers and bougainvillea, orange and lemon groves, very close to the Amalfi city center.



Since then, the continued commitment of the management - in addition to the tradition preservation – has been renovating the structure, which has become more and more beautiful year after year, keeping the charming original atmosphere intact. Outstanding interior design elements that help creating the unique style: the floors are tiled with Vietri hand-painted tiles, antiques from the family estate mostly from the early twentieth century, the brightly lit spaces. Many rooms have a balcony,  a terrace or a garden overlooking the enchanting scenery of the Amalfi Coast.



There are also some contemporary furnishings and among the latest creations: the annex “Villa il Rosso” in the luxuriant park, with two suites and two deluxe rooms, and the “Chalet Romeo e Giulietta”, a suite that is perfect for the magic of honey moon, with a small private garden and a heated infinity pool; the suite “Il Torrino”, overlooking the botanic garden of the Hotel. The Beach Club could be reached by lifts located in the rocks and there is an heated swimming pool with sea water. And of course there is also a gym but overlooking the Gulf! The lovely spa with a wide range of treatments, including a special massage with Amalfi lemons.



Among the prestigious awards there is the one Santa Caterina has received from the American Condé Nast Traveler  magazine, an authority in the field. The ranking is derived directly from the readers’ opinions, which included the hotel in the ‘Gold List’ - the global best hotels ranking in the world -  rewarding the restaurant excellence, the unique location with breathtaking views over the Amalfi Coast, the atmosphere, and also the design beauty, the exceptional nature of the activities including the SPA and in particular the excellence of service, customer care, courtesy and availability.

This is the real luxury to be pursued.