Half a century of grit and class - Luxury Files

It is a special year for the icon, and perhaps the true archetype of the sports car. The 911 has been the emblem and the heart of Porsche for half a century. Since its presentation at the International car fair in Frankfurt in September 1963, the “901 type” continues to move drivers across the globe. Very few other cars can boast of having such a long and continued tradition.
It might not be too bold to affirm that in each Porsche model is enclosed a fragment of the 911 philosophy. Unlike any other, in fact, the 911 incarnates an oxymoron which unites apparently irreconcilable opposites such as sport and adaptability to every day use, tradition and innovation, exclusivity and social acceptance, design and functionality.


The Porsche is a continued success, with more than 820 000 cars produced with seven generations of 911 from 1963 to 2013:  fifty years of style and constant innovation which is synonymous with the innovative force inherent in the brand.
Ferry Porsche perfectly described the qualities of 911: “911 is the only car you can use to run to a safari in Africa or at Le Mans, to go to the theater or to drive through the streets of New York.”
For this special birthday many special celebrations are being organized. Firstly, the “Retro Classic” Auto fair in Stuttgard in March 2013, continuing with the Geneva Fair, where the German company just presented the new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, an extreme variation of the car designed for the tracks which bases its potential on the engine: the six cylinders 3.8 can reach 460 horse power. Let’s now turn to the wonderful Porsche Museum that opened Porsche’s anniversary year in which four unique pieces are exhibited. In addition to the pre-series 911 Turbo 3.0 from 1973, the concept 911 Turbo Cabriolet from 1981, and the street version of the 911 GT1 (1997), you can also admire the 754 “T7” prototype. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche conceived this project in 1959, and it represents a milestone in the path that defined the 911 design.
The Porsche Museum also honors the anniversary of “50 years of 911 Porsche” with an important exhibit, on display from June 4th to September 29th 2013: a retrospective on the history and the development of the 911 that will culminate in the publication of the volume “911X911” by the Porsche-Museum Edition.


You’ll also find yourself dreaming just by glancing at the evolution of the iconic model through marvelous historical photos from the archives, reliving past emotions and fond moments. You’ll discover the evolution of the 911 and of its sinuous design and unmistakable silhouette from the 1963 prototype to the most extreme technical innovation of the contemporary version of Porsche.
Moreover, during 2013 an original and restored 911 dating from 1967 will go on a special trip all over the globe that will cross five continents. You will be able to admire it “live” in California, Shanghai, Great Britain, Paris, as well as in Australia. And as an ambassador for the brand, it will be present at various international shows, fairs, historical rallies and events to tell the story of a timeless myth.