The strength of Made in Italy - Luxury Files

by Valeria Mangani

In fashion, just like in life, people showcase exceptional results in moments of crisis. Only after having hit rock bottom is it possible to get back up stronger and more determined than before. The need to overcome difficulties pushes many people (artisans, stylists, exclusive brands etc) to continue to work and, what is even more challenging, to continue to work in a more creative and inspired way than ever before. There is a Chinese ideogram that I learned from my children who are studying this language that states that opportunity is a synonym for the word crisis.


Fashion and luxury can today also be an added value for Italian tourism. Italy has a strong touristic vocation and a great fashion tradition. Fashion and luxury are not only the expression of being used to consuming high end and expensive products. They are a way of life and a way to behave that privileges buying and/or consuming products and objects destined to adorn the body or the home. They might appear to be superfluous, but they are not at all so. Fashion and luxury in fact represent extremely effective means to spreading a message of recovery in a market that is in no way a niche market and that is far from facing a crisis or austerity.


You must draw from this sector to re-boost other commodity sectors that are connected to fashion and luxury, that can learn from their success, activating their capacity to create a great deal of work for small and medium artisanal companies that are of pivotal importance for our country.  We as Italians have the knowledge of Made in Italy in our DNA. According to quantum physics, Michelangelo’s, Leonardo da Vinci’s, Raffaello’s, Tiziano’s, Bernini’s and Borromini’s tachyon particles vibrate within us. We have the greatest artists that permeated the cradle of the world of art. Shall we talk about it? A little Italian patriotic spirit wouldn’t hurt! The secret of all winning collaborations is group spirit and team building, where you’ll find the concept of constant betterment exalting not only one’s own individual capabilities, but also those of others. This concept, known in Japan as Kaizen, made Toyota great in a moment of enormous crisis allowing it to rise from its cinders like a sort of Phoenix, counting on group spirit and teamwork. Perhaps my real contribution, besides indispensable technical competence, was to truly believe in this opportunity and to have also instilled this belief in the Administrative Board of Altaroma.
Italy, as opposed to other countries, has an ancient sartorial vocation and is proud to represent fashion and high-end fashion through new generations. The Dolce Vita became in everybody’s mind synonymous with Rome as a celebratory, lively, effervescent place rich of initiatives. Rome has been the city of celebrities, not only Italian, but also and above all international ones, and the city nowadays still benefits from this splendor.